AI for Kindness

In this new age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, there is a lot of serious discussion about the future. Fear of the unknown is prevalent in many conversations. Will we all lose our jobs? Will robots control us? These are real concerns running through the minds of many people. From luddites to top technical experts, there are many question marks about what the future holds for mankind.

As a result, technologists are left with a big responsibility. The changes brought upon us are enormous. Never in our lifetimes have we seen so many new tools, such convergence, and so many ways we can go with our inventions. If we don’t actively take control and leave things to chance, we might end up with a future we don’t like.

Kindness is something with which we are born. We all have it in our hearts to be kind to one another. This is my own baby boy, a long time ago, bringing his mom a flower.

At Kilroy Blockchain, our philosophy is not to accept the status quo. Instead, as seasoned members of our global technical community, we choose to step forward to proactively mold the future to be a kinder, better place. Given a choice, we are dedicated to always try to go down the path that improves lives and demands a better future.

Even projects that start as a project for good can end up uncovering many technologies that are very marketable on a mass scale. So why not start with love and kindness, and let the rest take care of itself?

We believe that doing the right thing will lead to good things for everyone. I personally invite you to join us in this movement. Put your heart where you know it should be. Let your magnificent mind improve the future for everyone, and the rest will follow.

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