Blockchain Data Authenticity for Artificial Intelligence

As a consumer of artificial intelligence (AI), a person should have the right and capability to verify the sources of data used to drive that AI system. At least as vulnerable as the ai algorithms themselves, data is subject to spoofing and hacking, which could make the output of an ai system incorrect. Yet there are no safeguards or standards in place to identify and verify the source of the data.

Through this new Meetup group, I propose that we create a consortium consisting of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data experts, as well as other technologists and humanists, to help figure out how to close this security gap and establish future standards for AI trusted systems.

If you are in the Austin area and this is a topic that interests you, please join this group. We will announce a meetup time and place sometime in April.

Blockchain Data Authenticity for Artificial Intelligence Meetup – Austin, Texas

If you are not in Austin, you are still welcome to join so you can follow along and participate in online discussions.

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