Austin Blockchain Collective – Blockchain Companies that Lead the Way!

Austin, Texas is exploding with interest in blockchain technology! I’m excited to let you know that in addition to my role as CEO at Kilroy Blockchain, I’m also Associate Director of the
Austin Blockchain Collective.

Austin Blockchain Collective is a group of companies that have at least one representative in the Austin area that specializes in blockchain. The goal is for Austin Blockchain Collective to become recognized as a global center of innovation, which will provide optimal visibility and positioning for participating organizations. The community will also benefit from the strong insight and leadership that comes from the group.

Promotion and amplification, education and outreach, industry alignment and engagement, as well as connections, collaboration and acceleration are some of the activities taking place in the Collective.

Austin Blockchain Collective is free to join via the website.

Austin Blockchain Collective is funded by financial donations from the community to deliver its important programs. To become a supporter or find out more, contact Austin Blockchain Collective.

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