Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving along at a rapid pace, and is beginning to become very useful in solving age-old business problems. One of the problems it can be used to solve now is workforce shortages. Artificial intelligence can be used to help associates do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, resulting in a better customer experience. The best and brightest computer scientists in the world have been working to solve these issues. By asking the question "is there a technology that can solve this old problem?" you may find that there is an AI application that already fits your needs. These applications are generally based on cloud services, which makes them affordable and easy to prototype. We work with multiple cloud providers so we can build your application around the AI service that makes the most sense.

How we can help

  • Development of requirements documentation
  • Discovery interviews and design thinking session to make sure the application is a fit
  • Selection of cloud AI vendor APIs/services
  • Solutions infrastructure and architecture
  • Planning of timeline and deliverables
  • Development/integration with a secure front-end interface including mobile app
  • Integration with backend AI and other systems
  • Delivery of a proof-of-concept, prototype or minimum viable product
  • Bringing the prototype to production
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