High Schoolers Train AI to Recognize Chickens

Kilroy Blockchain is working with Arkansas school districts to train a workforce to fill agricultural technology jobs.

The Internship Program that is part of Arkansas' Work Based Learning is a way to develop a skilled workforce in artificial intelligence machine learning. Through paid and unpaid internships that give the students course credit in addition to high-tech work experience, the students will train artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize chickens, using a process called machine learning.

The interns will do this by loading the AI with thousands of still images and videos of chickens at all stages of life and in all sorts of different situations, like in different weather, in the chicken coop or outside, asleep and awake, and in groups or alone. They will also load thousands of images of objects that look like chickens, but aren't chickens at all. The students will do experiments with the AI to see which training sets give the best results at recognizing chickens. Once trained, the AI can help a robot to recognize and eventually to tend chickens.

The interns will learn how AI visual recognition is done - namely, creating positive and negative datasets, how to pick images for each dataset, how the AI classifies the images, and how the AI ranks each image by the likelihood of whether or not it is a chicken.

The Arkansas Work Based Learning program facilitates Kilroy Blockchain's commitment to growth in Western Arkansas, with a focus on developing forward-thinking, high-paying jobs that keep talented Arkansans in Arkansas.

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