Kilroy Blockchain receives $25K research grant from National Science Foundation

Kilroy Blockchain receives $25K research grant from National Science Foundation

Kilroy Blockchain was recommended by the University of Texas for the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Go program. I-Corps is a program that is designed for university teams to research potential innovations that can turn into sustainable, repeatable business models. We were accepted into the pilot program for private sector called I-Corps Go, and awarded a $25,000 research grant, to be used in the next 6 weeks.

We are testing our business thesis, which evolves as the program goes along. Here is our current thesis: "Our system allows multiple smart city government agencies and departments within those agencies, as well as contractors, to track, recall, and implement verified traffic safety knowledge by location.” We expect this to pivot after we have gotten further along with our 100 interviews.

We then formulate hypotheses based on the thesis, and test those with interviews. Our current hypotheses evolve around figuring out if we can improve traffic safety with more effective collaboration and whether or not our solution might be funded by a public private partnership.

To properly conduct this research, we are required to interview at least 100 people in the traffic ecosystem over the course of the program. We are interested in interviewing experts from government and from the private sector. We are also required to travel to multiple geographic areas and conduct the interviews in person as much as possible.

Some of the job titles we have interviewed in Austin: mayor, chief innovation officer, smart mobility officer, arterial manager, traffic systems programmer, university civil engineering department, traffic consultants, and executives from several companies that engage in public private partnerships with relation to public works or smart city projects.

Any help you can make with introductions to the right people would be greatly appreciated.

Information about the program (we are currently in Phase 3): iCorps Go

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