Magento Blockchain Solution

Magento Blockchain Solution

Our development team at Kilroy Blockchain has a strong background in open source development, primarily Magento commerce.

I'm proud of the work my team has done In integrating Magento with our Kilroy Blockchain Platform as a Service. To create an audit trail in a Hyperledger-based private blockchain, you and your network of participants simply need to identify the touch points in your workflow that need to be available as audited blockchain transactions. Then we can customize the extension for you as part of the onboarding to our Platform as a Service.

Blockchain and smart contracts can help suppliers and buyers to collaborate and manage the activities of the store, by locking down in advance the rules of doing business. The rules and regulations of the industry can be validated among the involved parties so every transaction that takes place is in full compliance. Critical information, such as supplier ratings, can be shared among the participants of the business network, helping with supplier and risk evaluation. Ordering, shipping and fulfillment can be more easily tracked, monitored and audited using a collaborative blockchain network.

If you want to know more about how to rapidly implement your Magento blockchain use case, please contact us for details.

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