Texas Blockchain Committee – HB 4517

Texas Blockchain Committee – HB 4517

The Texas Blockchain Committee, a non-partisan political action committee, was formed by Lee Bratcher, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Dallas Baptist University in 2020. The purpose of Texas Blockchain Committee is to promote blockchain friendly policies in the Texas legislature.

Other states have already begun passing laws that support the use of smart contracts, blockchain audit trails, and other features and applications of blockchain. The first effort of the Texas Blockchain Committee is to pass HB 4517, which allows for the formation of a blockchain work group that will identify priorities and delve deeper into the process.

I think this is an amazing opportunity for Texas industry to gain the competitive advantages provided by blockchain, such as product traceability, prevention of counterfeiting, and automation of business contracts.

Please feel free to circulate this website widely to help promote the adoption of blockchain in the State of Texas.

More info: https://texasblockchaincommittee.com

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