Blockchain Tethered AI

Trackable, Traceable Artificial Intelligence

Remove your doubts about AI and explore how this technology can be future-proofed using blockchain's smart contracts and tamper-evident ledgers. With this practical book, system architects, software engineers, and systems solution specialists will learn how enterprise blockchain provides permanent provenance of AI, removes the mystery, and allows you to validate AI before it's ever used.

Authors Karen Kilroy, Lynn Riley and Deepak Bhatta explain that, while it sounds exciting, AI's ability to change itself through program synthesis could take the technology beyond human control. With this book, you'll learn an efficient way to solve this problem by building simple blockchain controls for verifying, tracking, tracing, auditing, and even reversing AI.

  • Learn how to create and power AI marketplaces with blockchain
  • Understand why and how to implement on-chain AI governance
  • Control AI by learning methods to tether it to blockchain networks
  • Use blockchain cryptoanchors to detect common AI hacks
  • Learn methods for reversing tethered AI

Artificial intelligence exists as a black box, meaning we don't quite know what is inside, and have to just trust it in order to use it. Even the engineers who develop the AI don't know exactly what is there. Our book, Blockchain Tethered AI, explains how to use blockchain to make AI traceable and trackable, much as is done in a food supply chain.

Blockchain Tethered AI is a book and code framework by the founders of Kilroy Blockchain.

Book excerpt: IBM takes the subject further than most companies that discuss the dangers of AI, suggesting blockchain as a solution: "Blockchain’s digital record offers insight into the framework behind AI and the provenance of the data it is using, addressing the challenge of explainable AI. This helps improve trust in data integrity and, by extension, in the recommendations that AI provides. Using blockchain to store and distribute AI models provides an audit trail, and pairing blockchain and AI can enhance data security." At the time of this writing, artificial intelligence is still in human control. Given all of this concern, we ask: Why don't we just fix it?

Some takeaways:

  • Blockchain is interwoven with AI so the AI becomes dependent on it.
  • The entire lifecycle of the AI is recorded on blockchain, including stakeholder intent.
  • Engineering and MLOps teams have much easier time recreating experiments, as well as tracing and reversing problems.

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Blockchain Tethered AI (Kilroy/Riley/Bhatta)

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  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 05/02/2023
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