Texas Blockchain Committee

Texas Blockchain Committee – HB 4517

Other states have already begun passing laws that support the use of smart contracts, blockchain audit trails, and other features and applications of blockchain. The first effort of the Texas Blockchain Committee is to pass HR 4517, which allows for the formation of a blockchain committee that will identify priorities and delve deeper into the process.

Benefits of using Blockchain in Ecommerce

Ecommerce cannot remain isolated from the blockchain and one would definitely want to know the key benefits of using the blockchain in Ecommerce. yes, there are many benefits of the blockchain in ecommerce and it’s suitable use case. Product verification, regulating sales for the specific kind of businesses, securing customer data are the key benefits of using blockchain in ecommerce. Supply Chain Management is a part of the product verification which runs in the background.

Magento Blockchain Solution

Magento is the most popular e-commerce software in the world. The company was recently purchased by Adobe for more than $1.6 Billion USD.

Magento can be extended in many helpful ways. At Kilroy Blockchain, we have built a Magento extension that connects it to our blockchain platform as a service.