FLO keeps things moving

As a manager, you have enough things to keep track of without relying on paper forms and the associated headaches. Now you can have all of your miscellaneous forms in one easy-to-use cloud-based interface: FLO. You can modify your team's workflows and permissions with a point-and-click interface, making sure your forms get the approvals they need, and get quickly into the hands of the person doing the processing.

The added layer of blockchain helps the system to be more secure because it provides a tamper-evident audit trail. This means that if any bad or sloppy actors impact your data integrity, FLO lets you know. FLO can integrate with other systems like a purchase order or human resources system.

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FLO by Kilroy Blockchain

Forms workflow + blockchain security

FLO helps organizations to route office forms for approval, while leaving a blockchain audit trail. Examples include:

  • Leave/Time Off Application
  • Expense Authorization and Expense Reimbursement
  • Procurement Approval
  • Customized Forms - You Tell Us
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