Our Team

Our team holds many years of experience in technology and business. Our founders are involved in our day-to-day operations and are listed below.

Karen Kilroy

Karen Kilroy, Kilroy Blockchain's CEO, is a life-long technologist with heart. Living in Austin, Texas, she has invented several products including CaseyKilroy Blockchain PaaSRiley, and Carnak. Karen believes that artificial intelligence doesn't have to be scary and that technology can be proactively designed to be used for good. Karen's background includes many years of working as an open source software engineer, which has prepared her for the new world of cognitive intelligence and tamper-evident ledgers. Karen is a Certified IBM Foundation Blockchain Developer and a Certified Magento Front-End Developer. Named IBM Champion in the blockchain category, Karen is an experienced public speaker and author. She is the author of O'Reilly Media publications "Blockchain as a Service" and "AI and the Law" (Winter 2020). Karen is also a professional dragon boat coach, and volunteers to coach the Wildcats at the Texas School of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Karen Kilroy at the IBM Watson Build awards in New York City, photo: Daphne Youree


Deepak Bhatta at the RegTech MENA conference in 2017, where he was a speaker

Deepak Bhatta

A Certified IBM Foundation Blockchain Developer, Deepak Bhatta is an award-winning, hands-on technology leader with more than 10 years in open source software development. Deepak had worked with Karen for many years on ecommerce projects, and since Kilroy Blockchain was founded in 2016, he has been the lead developer and Chief Technology Officer for Kilroy Blockchain. His main focus is on turning ideas into reality by managing our development team and leading our research and development efforts in blockchain and AI. Deepak was a presenter on blockchain at the RegTech MENA Conference in Dubai in April, 2017 and the Conclave 2019 conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Lynn Riley

Lynn Riley is a technologist with a background at Motorola, Apple and Cort Business Services. A graduate of MIT in chemical engineering, she brings her skills to Kilroy Blockchain as Chief Information Officer and also manages all of Kilroy Blockchain’s partnerships. Lynn is a co-host and frequent speaker at the Artificial Intelligence Tech Meetup and is a member of the Blockchain Data Authenticity for Artificial Intelligence Meetup, and Austin Blockchain Collective Community Meetup.

Lynn Riley resides in Austin, Texas and runs the monthly Artificial Intelligence Tech Meetup at Capital Factory.

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