Exciting products based on the latest artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Kilroy Blockchain Platform as a Service

Kilroy Blockchain Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Kilroy Blockchain PaaS is designed to help organizations that are highly regulated to keep better records by providing an immutable, auditable record of transactions. We work with Regulation Technology (RegTech) providers to help connect their solution to enterprise-level blockchain. The result is a trackable trail that helps to prove the data is authentic.

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Riley - RealLife Adventure

Riley (RealLife Adventure) is our award-winning solution that provides verbose descriptions, designed to help someone to better understand their surroundings. Riley uses a smartphone or tablet to allow anyone to tap into the powerful cognitive intelligence of IBM Watson. This opens up a whole new world of independence for workers who can do a job they could not do before - made possible through the magic of Riley and Watson.

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Carnak - Cognitive Roadway Knowbot

Carnak (Cognitive Roadway Knowbot) is a predictive analysis simulator for traffic issues. It is a customizable framework that can aggregate live and static roadway data from multiple city, county, or regional systems. Carnak uses open source Jupyter notebooks and Python... to keep you free from vendor lock-in.

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