Crack open some knowledge with Blockchain Tethered AI by Karen Kilroy, Lynn Riley, et al

Blockchain Tethered AI: Trackable, Traceable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Blockchain Tethered AI is a book by the founders of Kilroy Blockchain that explains how you can create a blockchain audit trail for your AI models.

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Kilroy Blockchain provides award-winning, trusted solutions in blockchain, AI, and e-commerce.

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SAVE TIME WITH FLO - our blockchain-protected forms workflow system that helps organizations to create efficient and effective routing.

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CASEY is a student behavior intervention system–designed by educators–that can be used to step in to keep a student's problems from growing.

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Engineers can help robots to "see" using CARNAK, our automated vehicle commerce system. CARNAK allows agencies to generate revenue from roadway asset data important to vehicles and robots.

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RILEY is our award-winning smart phone app that uses AI to help people who are blind and visually impaired by providing a verbose descriptions of their surroundings.

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Kilroy Blockchain PaaS

Kilroy Blockchain PaaS is our platform-as-a-service that helps organizations keep tamper-evident records by providing a smart contract-driven, auditable record of transactions.

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Artificial Intelligence Integration

We build custom applications that enhance customer experience with the latest artificial intelligence technology from vendors like IBM and Google.

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Blockchain Integration

We help plan your blockchain use case and implement the network using proven solutions like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or 3rd party cloud, private cloud, and hybrid variations.

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Magento e-Commerce Development and Architecture

As full-stack Magento developers, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your site up-to-date and on the competitive edge.

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