Our work is heartfelt.

Kilroy Blockchain is an award-winning provider of artificial intelligence and blockchain products:

  • Kilroy Blockchain Platform as a Service speed up your blockchain proof-of-concept to find out the impact of blockchain on your organization.
  • Riley, our award-winning app and server designed for people who are blind and visually impaired, can open doors never possible before through the use of AI.
  • Carnak, with its analysis of open public city, county, state and country-level data, can save lives and help community leaders to plan a better future for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our skills, knowledge and experience to leave the world a better place than it was when we found it.

Our Values

We agree with the AI principles, goals, ethics and values of the Future of Life Institute, and are committed to building systems that use blockchain and artificial intelligence in a responsible way.

Our Team

Our team is interested and energetic. We work together so well that our work is fun. We'd love to work with you too. Contact us, and let's get started on building a better future!

Karen Kilroy, Chief Executive Officer

Karen Kilroy, Chief Executive Officer of Kilroy Blockchain
Karen Kilroy, Kilroy Blockchain Founder and CEO, at the 2017 Watson Build Awards in NYC.  Photo: Daphne Youree, IBM.

Karen Kilroy is a life-long technologist with heart. Living in Austin, Texas, she has invented several products including Kilroy Blockchain PaaS, Riley, and Carnak. Karen believes that artificial intelligence doesn't have to be scary and that technology can be proactively designed to be used for good. Karen's background includes many years of working as an open source software engineer, which has prepared her for the new world of cognitive intelligence and immutable ledgers. Karen is a Certified IBM Foundation Blockchain Developer and a Certified Magento Front-End Developer.

Karen is also a professional dragon boat coach, and currently volunteers to coach the Wildcats at the Texas School of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Karen lives in downtown Austin, Texas, and is Associate Director of the Austin Blockchain Collective, leading workgroups for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, as well as Blockchain Interconnectivity. She is also the host of the Artificial Intelligence Tech Meetup and of the Blockchain Data Authenticity for Artificial Intelligence Meetup, and is co-host of the Blockchain for Business Meetup.

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Deepak Bhatta, Chief Technology Officer

Deepak Bhatta, Chief Technology Officer of Kilroy Blockchain
Deepak Bhatta, Kilroy Blockchain CTO, at the 2017 RegTech MENA conference in Dubai.

A Certified IBM Foundation Blockchain Developer, Deepak Bhatta is an award-winning, hands-on technology leader with more than 10 years in open source software development. Deepak had worked with Karen for many years on ecommerce projects, and since Kilroy Blockchain was founded in 2016, he has been the lead developer and CTO for Kilroy Blockchain. His main focus is on turning ideas into reality by managing our development team and leading our research and development efforts in blockchain and AI.

Deepak was a presenter on blockchain at the RegTech MENA Conference in Dubai in April, 2017.

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Lynn Riley, Chief Information Officer

Lynn Riley, Chief Information Officer of Kilroy Blockchain
Lynn Riley, Kilroy Blockchain CIO, at the 2017 IBM Watson Build awards in NYC. Photo: Daphne Youree, IBM.

Lynn Riley is a technologist with a background at such honored institutions as MIT, Motorola, and Apple. At Kilroy Blockchain, Lynn brings her skills to the table as a Watson engineer, and also manages all of Kilroy Blockchain's partnerships.

Lynn is a co-host and frequent speaker at the IBM Watson Cognitive Tech Meetup, and is a member of the Blockchain Data Authenticity for Artificial Intelligence Meetup, and Blockchain for Business Meetup.

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Kara Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Kara Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Kilroy Blockchain
Kara Williams, Kilroy Blockchain COO, visiting the Watson display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Kara Williams came to Kilroy Blockchain from Chase Bank. A graduate of Kent State University with a background in finance and business, Kara helps to consult with our customers on how their use case can be applied to blockchain. Kara architected our escrow blockchain application and is in charge of demonstrations and training. As COO, she is in charge of our day-to-day operations. Kara resides in Denver, Colorado.

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