Why Kilroy Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service?
Accelerate your Proof-of-concept; discover organizational impact

Kilroy Blockchain PaaS is designed to help organizations connect their business processes to enterprise-level blockchain networks. The result is an immutable audit trail recorded as a series of blockchain transactions.

While blockchain is well known as the technology used for cryptocurrency, the more immediate enterprise opportunity is in using blockchain as a trust zone for business networks.

Without a turnkey platform, an organization wanting to try blockchain will have to figure out details of their use case and what pieces of software to acquire to make it happen. They will also have to hire consultants or expand and educate their internal staff in order to complete and manage the integration.

Always know the truth. With Kilroy Blockchain PaaS, you can automate business agreements, simplify audits, locate documents faster, and build secure business networks. You can start now, and grow your network as needed.

Kilroy Blockchain offers the solution: an easy-to-use way to integrate applications with enterprise-level blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions. As a middle tier, we offer integration with cognitive insights and intelligent attachment management, increased transactional speed, central configuration, and monitoring.

Kilroy Blockchain PaaS features smart contracts, which are electronic agreements that replace paper contracts, and automates consensus among parties and/or systems by integrating the smart contracts with a workflow application layer. Our Quick Connect API provides a secure gateway for external systems to pass transactions and attachments to the blockchain record. We offer intelligent attachment management, which pulls a supporting file from the workflow transaction and places it in a secure central object store of your choice, recording its unique identifier in the blockchain transaction. Our private blockchain nodes keep your business network open only to participants you want – it is not open to the public. Participants can only see transactions that involve them. A flexible number of nodes means that innovators can start with one node and use Kilroy PaaS as their 2nd node, adding participants as the interest of their network grows.

Disruptors welcome here.

Are you an entrepreneur who is turning your industry on its heels? Are you an intraprenur positioning your enterprise for the new world? New ideas are welcome here! Our proven methodologies and frameworks help your vision spring to life in record time. With an actual hands-on test drive of your use case, your business network will more quickly become convinced that your disruption is here to stay.

Ready to start? So are we!

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