Casey contagious outbreak management helps your enterprise control the reproduction of COVID-19.

Fight COVID with Casey

Casey stands for Campus Safety. Accelerate your:

  • test-to-stay rapid testing program
  • vaccine and test policy oversight
  • contact tracing
  • vaccine outreach
  • vaccine verification
Casey uses blockchain technology to ensure your data is secure, transparent, and tamper-evident.

Casey is for today's teams

Casey is designed for the remote professional! With an integrated telephone system, contact tracers and outreach workers only need a laptop and a headset, and there's nothing to install!

Monitor Vaccines, Boosters and Tests
Monitor Vaccines, Boosters and Tests: Simplifies implementation of COVID safety policies, like Test-to-Stay rapid testing. Facilitates compliance with the U.S. Federal Government Certification of Vaccination, by helping managers verify that employees and contractors - including those on-site at a U.S. Federal Government site - are compliant with policies that require participants be either fully-vaccinated or that they undergo routine testing and have the proper forms completed.
Speedy Contact Tracing
Speedy Contact Tracing: Supports documentation of contact tracing outreach, and guides the contact tracer through the necessary steps to conduct calls and follow-up calls in a consistent, thorough manner. See how close contacts relate, and flag those who have tested positive.
Electronic COVID-19 Surveys: Collects survey-style voluntary sign-in information from visitors to a site that can be used later for contact tracing or other outreach.
Reach out with Vaccine Information: Supports the workflow of an outreach team that helps the public to obtain information about vaccinations and get help scheduling them.
Verify Vaccine Cards: Supports the workflow of a vaccination center, and a vaccination card's validity can be proven on blockchain later by the center or another permitted party like an employer.
Track Program Funds: This module tracks the progress and certification of the outreach workers such as contact tracers. It also tracks items of interest to program donors such as how much money was spent on training and equipment for the workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Casey an app?

A: No, Casey is not an app. Casey can be used from a web browser on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop, but it has none of the characteristics associated with privacy invasion like location tracking or collection of personal information.

Q: Does Casey use Bluetooth proximity technology?

A: No, Casey does not use Bluetooth proximity technology, which - when it works - tells you if phones are near one another, not necessarily people.

Q: Is Casey used by organizations or individuals?

A: Casey is used by organizations like schools and businesses to help them manage COVID-19 on-campus policies like vaccine/test requirements, vaccine outreach, contact tracing, COVID-19 surveys, and more.

Q: Is Casey available in more than one language?

A: Yes, Casey is available in the language with which your outreach team is the most comfortable.

Q: Why does Casey use blockchain? Are there miners and cryptocurrency?

A: Casey's enterprise blockchain technology helps all stakeholders have trust and transparency in their interactions. No miners or cryptocurrency involved.

Learn more: What is Blockchain?

Q: Does Casey use a phone notification system to send alerts?

A: No. Casey does not use a phone notification system because we believe sensitive health care notifications should be made by trained people, not by automated text messages.

Q: Why did you build Casey?

A: We built Casey because we wanted to do something to stop the spread of COVID-19, the spread of panic, and the damage to the economy.

Q: Is Casey expensive?

A: Casey will be easy on your software budget since it is already developed, customizations are affordable, and it requires no installation.

Q: Do you sell the data?

A: No, your data is yours and only yours.

Q: Has Casey won any awards?

A: Yes, Casey was the grand prize winner in the IBM COVID-19 'Back-to-Work" Contest.

Q: I've heard Casey has a theme song. Is this true?

A: Not yet, but if you hum a few bars....

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Outreach by Certified Casey Professionals

Through our strategic alliance with Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), we have formed Casey Health - which can bring opportunities to communities for high paying jobs and entry level careers in healthcare and tech. Certified outreach professionals and contact tracers can be included with your Casey subscription.

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