Attack COVID with Casey - our contagious outbreak management system that helps organizations to control the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 by providing a single view of all interaction with cases and potential cases.

Fight COVID with Casey by Kilroy Blockchain

"Casey should have existed long ago!"

That's what we hear when we tell people about Casey. With Casey, there is no more typing and retyping information - and everything that impacts a person is linked! With Casey, case management, contact tracing, vaccine outreach, vaccine verification and more are in a single system - which easily ties in with your other systems.

Casey is for today's teams

Casey is designed for the remote worker! With an integrated telephone system, outreach workers only need a laptop and a headset.

Casey brings the tools your enterprise needs!

Casey lets you choose from these features - use one or use them all:

  • Case Management: Gives a single spot for workers and supervisors to store case notes, tests, vaccine records and other pertinent information.
  • Contact Tracing: Supports documentation of contact tracing outreach, and guides the contact tracer through the necessary steps to conduct calls and follow-up calls in a consistent, thorough manner.
  • Sign-in Sheet/Survey: Collects survey-style voluntary sign-in information from visitors to a site that can be used later for contact tracing or other outreach.
  • Vaccine Outreach: Supports the workflow of an outreach team that helps the public to obtain information about vaccinations and get help scheduling them.
  • Vaccine Verification: Supports the workflow of a vaccination center, and a vaccination card's validity can be proven on blockchain later by the center or another permitted party like an employer.
  • Training: This module tracks the progress and certification of the outreach workers such as contact tracers. It also tracks items of interest to program donors such as how much money was spent on training and equipment for the workers.

Casey is designed for multilingual teams

Since Casey is multi-language, you can provide your outreach workers with a system in the language that is the most comfortable for them.

Nothing to install

Casey is software-as-a-service that lives in the cloud, so getting started is simple. Contact us today using the form below to streamline your contagious outbreak management with Casey.

More about Casey

Read the Casey white paper here


Casey is the Grand Prize Winner in the IBM COVID-19 ‘Back-to-Work’ Contest.

Ready to start? So are we!

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Blockchain Makes Casey Tamper-Evident

You can tell if critical data has been changed outside the system by hackers, because Casey uses blockchain to provide a tamper-evident audit trail.

Casey's blockchain technology helps all stakeholders have trust and transparency in their interactions. For instance, government funding for a contact tracing program can be traced to the outreach workers trained and hired, the equipment purchased for them, and the impact they attained.

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