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Casey is a blockchain network that enables community-based organizations (CBOs) to collaborate via smart contract on case management and contact tracing for infectious diseases.

Organizations needing contact tracers, such as health departments and private enterprises, can sign up for Casey, and submit their request to the network of CBOs. The CBOs fill the request using Casey, which helps them complete critical steps such as:

  • Finding and screening candidates for contact tracing and case management jobs
  • Organizing and funding job training cohorts
  • Job placement and computer equipment for workers
  • Overseeing the contract and managing the workers
  • Standardizing workflow throughout the contact tracing team, including interaction with the cases and contacts, escalation to a supervisor and patching in an interpreter.
  • Harvesting statistics that help to lower the reproductive rate of COVID-19 and make sure that the contact tracing program has the most impact possible.


Casey is the Grand Prize Winner in the IBM COVID-19 ‘Back-to-Work’ Contest. To sign up for updates on Casey and download our infographic, visit:

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